About Us

Keep your facility fire doors in code compliance for the protection of your occupants. Our inspection services include onsite thorough examination of fire door assemblies, a written report which will be good for the liffetime of the opening, and can be presented to AHJ fire marshalls, these should be updated annually to be in accordance with NFPA 80 and Life Safety Code 101.

FBH Architectural Security is a commercial door and hardware company established in 1954. Family owned and run, we take pride in offering commercial door sales, repair, retrofitting, installation services. Our 17,000 fabrication facility houses hundreds of stock commercial doors, wood doors, fire rated doors, and hollow metal frames, electronic door hardware, access control security door systems, key systems...

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Why Choose Us?

  • 1.

    Certified FDAI Fire Door Assembly Inspector on staff.

    Our Door and Hardware Institute certified FDAI has been fully certified by DHI and is listed on the Door Date Solutions Website as a qualified and knowledgeable fire door inspector.

  • 2.

    Quick repair

    Door installation, warranty work, service, maintenance, repair, replace.

  • 3.

    Code violation mitigation

    Fix your door code violations before you are fined. Our expert installers and service technicians provide complete door soluitions.

Our Team


  • “I just wanted to follow up on our double door installation with at note that we are very impressed with the quality of the installation.  Let me first qualify that statement with the understanding that I am a licensed builder and have installed more than a few doors in my day, and that my Lead Technician worked for years in the commercial glass industry and has also installed numerous units.  Neither one of us would have liked taking on that job alone, let alone in the weather conditions we had yesterday.  That said, we were very impressed with the work ethic, skills, attention to detail and attitude of your installer.  The end result was impeccable and I believe he needs to be recognized as the valuable FBH associate that he is.”

    Philip Havilin

    Facility Manager, CFM